Abstracts Submission Guidelines

Authors submitting abstracts for presentation are responsible to consider the following guidelines and instructions to ensure optimal results.  Abstracts that do not conform to these guidelines will be returned.

  1. Abstracts must describe in a succinct manner the purposes and results of the research.  Each abstract should contain: (a) an introductory sentence indicating the purposes of the study; (b) a brief description of pertinent experimental procedures; (c) a summary of the new, unpublished data; and (d) a statement of the conclusions.  Authors must accept sole responsibility for the statements in their abstracts.
  2. Designate a Presenting Author for each abstract.  The Presenting Author is responsible for giving the oral or poster presentation.  Presenting authors should speak and answer questions in English.
  3. List the name and affiliations of presenting author and co-authors.
  4. The title should be brief, clearly indicating the nature of the presentation.  Avoid nonstandard abbreviations in abstracts titles.
  5. The abstract body should not exceed 3,000 characters (including spaces). The author and institution list is not included in the character limit.  Use standard abbreviations, e.g., RBC. Use kg, gm, mg, mL, L. (liter), mEQ, M (meter), and % (percent). Use numerals to indicate numbers, except to begin sentences.  Abbreviations may be used in the body of an abstract if they are defined at their first mention in the text.
  6. Submit as many abstracts as you wish.  However, the Organizing Committee will consider the total number of abstracts submitted by the same author when developing the program.
  7. ALL PRESENTERS must register to attend this conference.
  8. Do not request withdrawal of an abstract.  Once submitted, abstracts cannot be withdraw.  However, if an abstract is accepted and the PRESENTER does not register, the abstract may be withdrawn.
  9. The abstract’s Presenting Author will receive email notification of the acceptance of the abstract for either an oral presentation or a poster presentation no later than September 11, 2017.
  10. Abstracts received after the deadline, August 21, 2017 will not be reviewed.
  11. Abstracts will be rejected without review if: (a) the abstracts is received after the deadline date, (b) the abstract is submitted by fax  (c) the abstract is submitted by mail or e-mail.

PRCRM Abstract Submission Guidelines 2017