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A Payment way is an online?? pro?ing ?tion which e?ers organizations to accept credit c? and electronic checks.

/i??"16" he?="16" /> ?elect name="payment_vendor" id="payment_vendor" ??egul?elect"> ?tion value="NONE" >NONE?tion> ?ion ?e="AUTHORIZE" >AUTHORIZE.NET ?ion ?e="PAYPAL" >PAYPAL?tion> >PAYFAST >MONSTER PAY ?tion value="CUSTOM" >CUSTOM
? id="AUTHORIZE" ?s="block">

Auth?e.Net Ac??tings

I?der for ??gin to conne?o th??ize.Net payment gateway, ??ill need to ?ide ? API Login ID an?ansaction Key. These values authenticate ?ou as an?horized merc? whe??ting transaction??s.

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? />

Development Testing

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Payfast Gateway ??

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??ype="radio" name="pa?t_debug" value="Y" /> />

Google Wa????s

ass="reg??t" />

M?erPay Gateway Settings

" class="reg??t" />

Touc? UPAY Settings


?ut name="upa???alue="" c?="regular-text" />


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?able class="form-table"> ??d colspan="2">For Paypa?ers ??> ?h scope=?">
?ut name="ima?rl" ?e="" class="?lar-?" /> ?r valign="top"> " ??egul?ext" /> ? valign=?">

API Login ID

API Login ID is a complex value ? is at l? eight chara?s in length, include?percase and lowe?e le?s, numbers, and/?ymbols and i?ifies your a??o the payment gateway. I???tyle="fo?eight: bold;">?an> the same as ? login ID for logging in?he Merchant Interface. T??erfo?wo diffe? functions. The API Login ID is a login ?hat ? website uses when c?nicating?h the payment gateway to submit tran??? is ? eve?ed f?our ?ite or o????plicationís connecti?o the payment gateway.

The API Login ID for ? acc? is available in the?tingnu of the Merchant I?face?> IMPORTANT:?an> The API Login ID is a se?ive piece of acc? information and should ? be ?ed on a need-to-??is, for example with?r Web developer. Be sure to ?? securely.

  • Log into the?chant Interface at

  • Se??an c?="InteriorTerm">???an> under Account in the main menu on the left

  • Click API Login ID and Tran?ion Key in the Security Settings ?ion

  • If you have not alreabtained an API Login ID and Tran?ion Key for ? acc?, you will need to e? the secret ??o the se? question you configured at account activation.

  • Click?an c?="InteriorTerm">Submit.

  • < ?>The API Login ID for your a?nt is displayed ?he API Login ID and Tran?ion Key page?>

    Note: The above directions a? whe??le User Acco?activated for your a?nt. ?his ?ure is not enabled f?our account,? will ne?o activate it in ord?o generate a?iew the API Login ID in the Merc??erface. Othe?e your current login ID ??ame ?he API Login ID for ? acc??>

    ? id=?hori?xn_key" styl?idth:650px;height:350px;???o;">

    Getting Your Authorize? Transaction?

    Th??ized? gen?ed T?action Key is similar to??ord and ?sed to ???e re??ubmitted to the Auth?ed.Net g?ay. If a?? cannot be authenticated ?sing the Transaction?, the re?? rejected. If you don't already have??ansaction Key, you will?e to? a new one from Auth?e.Net.

    Warning: Auth?e.Net does not a? the??al of an ?isti??action key. Following these ??? will get a new transaction? and?able? old transaction?.
    If???her ?ware?ch as a ?ping?? web??hat ? the ??ize.Net Tran?ion Key,? will ne??date that softwa?ith the? Transaction??hin 24 h???ise credit card pro?ing ?he o? sof?ll be disabled. ?his ?ation, you may wish to get ? transaction? from the config?ion for ??isti??are rath?han obtaining a new key from ??ize.Net.

    The fo?ing ???? finding??ansaction Ke?e from Auth?e.Net's Merchant In?atio?ide.

    The T?action Key is a 16-chara???meric value ? is randomly generated ?he MerchInterface and works in c?nction with?r API Login ??thentica?ou as an?horized ? of the?horize.Net Payment G??hen submitti??actions from your W?ite.

    ?>Like the API Login ID, the Tran?ion Key is a sensiti?iece of acc? inftion that should only be shared on a need-to-know b??>

    To obtain a Transaction??>

    1. Log?o the Merchant I?face at
    2. Seleb>Settings
    3. Click API Login ID and T?action Key in the S?ity ?? section
    4. E? the secret ??o the se? question you configured when ?ou a?ated??er a?nt
    ?>The Transaction???r accoun???ed on a confirmation page.

    IMPORTANT: Be sure to reco?our Tran?ion Key immedia? in a secure manner or copy it immediate?o a file in a ??e location a? is not ?isible in the Merchant I?face li?he API Login ID. Once you navigate away from the confirmation ?age ?e will be no oth??o ac? the Transaction? in the ?chant Interface.??ld have to g?ate a ne?ansaction Key.

    It is hi? recnded that yo?eate a new T?action Key ?larl?uch as e?? months, to strength???ity of ????? acc?. You wi?hen need to communicate the ? Transaction? to ? Web??er immediate??date?r W?ite inte?ion code. Fa?e to do ?ill ?lt in a ??ion ??acti?rocessing.

    ? id=?tmode_info" styl?idth:650px;height:350px;???o;"> ?>Thi?tion in the plug?ill allow yo?rn Test Mode feature of ??horize.Net a?nt On/Off through ? website?gin ?ion, whi?ill ?ride the?horize.Net Merchant Interface settings d?ibed below.

    F??ity ?ons, all??horize.Net a?nts are set in Test Mode. When an accoun? in ? Mode, transactions may be sub??hat will? be auth?ed or charged to the acc?? provided in the ??actions. When the payment gatewa? in ? Mode, each page in ??chant Interface will show a red bann?tating:

    ?ong>ACCOUNT IS IN TEST MODE - REAL TRANSACTIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED ?>Ema?eceipts generate??horize.N?ill also ind?e whether th?ere submitted in?t Mode, by having th?ext ??op of the re?t:

    ?>************* TEST MODE *************

    Having the act in?t Mode can a? a merchant or devel? to ? the?ebsi??are implementati?itho?ubmitting li??actions. While in ? Mod??actions will? be saved to the??? be ?able in ??esults or re?s.

    For more details on h??e Test Mode, please revi?he online video rial at .

    1. Log?o your Merchant Interfac? .? /> 2. Clic?trong>Settings ?he main ? side menu.
    3. Click ?ong>? Mod?trong>.
    4. Click the ?ong>Turn?t OF?trong> button. The i?face will co?m th?he Test Mode?tings have been Successf??lied and?'re now in live mode.

    Note: You may al?urn ? Mode on by following the above ?s. The button will appea??rong?n Test O?trong>.

    ??ion ??lugin will a???n this f?re On/Off through yo?ebsi?lugin in?atio?hich wil?erri?he Authorize??chant Interface ???cribed above.