Friday, October 2, 2015

The Condado Plaza Hilton

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Meeting Goal:

The main goal of this one-day local meeting is to start a forum in the Island for the discussion of the most current findings in the cancer field, highlighting the latest and most exciting discoveries in every area of cancer research, and to provide a unique opportunity for investigators from Puerto Rico to meet, network, and forge new scientific relations.

Meeting Objectives:

  • Bring together researchers currently working in the field of Cancer in Puerto Rico.
  • Promote basic sciences and clinical research in cancer prevention and treatment in Puerto Rico.
  • Provide undergraduate and graduate students a forum to share their research work in a national venue.
  • Strengthen networking and collaborative efforts across local universities and among graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Promote the interaction and networking between early career scientists and experts in cancer field.

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr. Elaine T. Alarid
Department of Oncology
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Dianne Cox
Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. Alvaro Monteiro
Moffitt Cancer Center
University of South Florida

Dr. Edna Mora
Puerto Rico Cancer Center
UPR – Medical Sciences Campus

Dr. Tobias Schatton
Harvard Medical School

Dr. Barbara Segarra
Dean of School of Health Professions
Director Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program
Cancer Survivor


2nd Puerto Rico Cancer Reasearch Meeting